Why Koh Samui?

koh samui

Why did we pick Koh Samui as our location for our fitness retreat?

Koh Samui is Thailand’s second most popular tourist destination. Located 700 kilometers south of Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand, ko kilometers from the country’s southern coast, Ko Samui is a popular destination for individuals who are health conscious or who are looking to get healthy.
In most seasons, Samui offers clear blue skies and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. With numerous beaches for relaxation. Koh Samui is small enough that you can circumnavigate the island in a few hours yet large enough to demand more than one visit to see it properly. You’ll see fishing boats and fishermen still plying their trade, while architecture in different parts of the island shows the influence of Chinese traders and traditional southern Thai culture.

Until a few years ago, Samui’s primary economic activities were fishing and coconut gathering. Now Koh Samui features international class restaurants and a wide variety of daytime and nighttime activities for tourists, while still offering secluded beaches and outdoor getaways which keep you close to nature.

Why Lamai?

The Lamai area is the second most developed beach area in Samui. With a local Tesco Lotus and a weekly outdoor market, there are also numerous stores, hotels and other retail establishments. The village has more than enough to keep a visitor entertained in the evening, but Lamai retains its laid back and quiet character, making it the perfect spot for a fitness retreat. For guests looking for more varied shopping, the larger town of Chaweng is but a 15 minute drive away.

How is the weather on Koh Samui?

Working out on an island may sound like it will be hot all the time but, as you can see from the chart below, Koh Samui offers a temperate tropical climate most of the year:

koh samui
koh samui

It is not much different from the city of Chiang Mai which is in the north

koh samui
koh samui 

And when it gets hot?

When temperatures of higher we have ways of beating the heat. We do harder exercises in the morning and have found a nice shaded beach in the afternoon for other activities. The resort also features an outdoor sala that offers an escape from the sun, where you can exercise surrounded by nature and with a few of the bay.


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