Our Boot Campers Say We’re Great!!!

Wonder what our customers say about our fitness holidays on Koh Samui, Thailand? Read their testimonials below!

“We’ve enjoyed doing things we haven’t done before, like paddleboarding, and the outcomes for us have been really good!” Dan and Kim

Dan and Kim each lost 2.5 kilos on our 7 Day Boot Camp! They have desk jobs and wanted to physical activities on their holidays. They booked the 7 Day Boot Camp with us and also did a detox at The Spa Resort after the Boot Camp.

“The food was delicious…” Nicole

“It’s been a great fitness camp. We’ve had a wonderful time…Marvelous. That’s all I can say.” Tracy


Laura had fun and had great results!!!

“I attended a fitness bootcamp with Chad in July 2010 and absolutely loved it! I have taught group exercise myself and it is easy to see that Chad is very good at what he does – he’s a great motivator, very upbeat and enthusiastic, fun yet disciplined and very skilled in all aspects of fitness and exercise. It’s very easy to recommend Chad because he is just very good at what he does and I am confident anyone training with him – group or one-on-one – will feel the same and see great results. ”

Laura Wilson
Owner, AlkalineDietHealthTips.com

She lost 19kg after Training with us !!!

“I did a bootcamp with Chad in July 2010, it was difficult as I had not done physical exercise for quite a while but Chads enthusiasm gave me the encouragement I needed. I then did personal training sessions with Chad two – three times a week for a few months, I returned to the bootcamp with Chad in February 2011 and what a change. I did not realise it until I returned how much fitter I was, the second boot camp was alot easier but Chad still encouraged me to continue to challenge myself. I lost 3kgs on the first boot camp and 2.5kgs on the second boot camp. From July 2010 to July 2011 I have lost 19 kgs in total and I feel fantastic. The first boot camp was definitely my changing moment and what kicked me into gear, I have not looked back since – Thank you Chad for being my training mentor and my inspiration. I wish you all the best for the new boot camp in Koh Samui – I will definitely be coming to Samui to participate in your new boot camp, See you there.”

A. Foulstone

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