Fitness Holidays FAQs

Who are the fitness activities designed for?

We understand that boot campers are at different fitness levels. We modify the program depending on the needs of each group so that boot campers who are not fit will be able to keep going while those who are already fit will be challenged.

Our experience has been that most campers are in moderate shape but just lack some motivation or want to change their lifestyle and are just unsure where to begin.

Arrive mentally prepared with a positive attitude about your goals and you will enjoy yourself along while working towards your fitness goals.

I have a pre-existing injury or condition will I be able to participate?

You will fill out a health questionnaire that will allow you to detail your condition. If we know these conditions we will be able to adjust activities.

Must I do all the activities?

The activities are meant to be fun and challenging but we won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. By participating in everything you may find a new experience you like and the ability to get out of your comfort zone, but you are ultimately in charge of deciding what you participate in.

What kind of food will there be?

Thailand is known for its food. You will be eating a variety of delicious dishes on your fitness holiday. You will be getting a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as fresh fish and meats to help build muscle and burn fat. Our focus is on healthy foods to keep you going.

Is there a lot of running, I have bad knees?

There will be some light jogging and perhaps sprints. However, if you can’t run just walk faster.

Will I have time to relax?

Rest is an essential part of fitness. You will have one active rest day built into your fitness holiday, and your accommodations are near Chaweng Beach for shopping or relaxing. For those who feel they want more activity there are Muay Thai classes nearby everyday.

What should I bring on my fitness holiday?
  • Running and hiking shoes
  • Swim gear
  • Small back pack
  • Goggles for snorkeling
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sun block
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Container to carry at least 1.5 liter of water
  • Rain coat
  • A good pair of thick socks to prevent blisters while hiking
Can I bring a friend or partner?

Absolutely. Bringing a friend along can motivate you and the positive energy can feed off each other. There is a discount when you bring a friend as you can share a room.

How should i get started? How to make a reservation?

Check the availability on our Dates and Rates page and use the booking form to make a reservation. We require payment in full to reserve your place.

Confirmation. When you are booked we will send you an information packet which will give you contact information, and a list of things to bring. You will also be sent a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) to fill out.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel:

  • More than 30 days before your fitness holiday there will be a refund of 50% of your deposit.
  • 48 hours before your fitness holiday will get a 20% refund on the deposit
  • There will be no refunds within a 48 hour window.

In no case will we be responsible for refunding the flight cost of your holiday.
We are not responsible for cancellation due to riot, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire, war, threat of war, civil unrest, fire, bad weather, technical or maintenance problems with transport. Therefore no refunds if there is a cancellation due to these events.

Insurance and health

We strongly recommend that you have travel insurance before you come here. It is also highly recommended that you see a doctor before you start any exercise or diet regimen.

You will be pushed to achieve your goals in the Boot Camp; however, it will be your responsibility to stop if you experience discomfort or injury. If you are injured on the boot camp you are fully responsible for whatever cost is associated.

Validity Period for the Program Package

You are buying a package that is non-transferable and does not allow for substitutions. Any changes you make are in addition to the package and you will be billed separately for them. Items are only valid during the seven days of the program, between the time you check in to the boot camp and the time you weight out of the boot camp.

If for ANY reason you are unable to participate in certain aspects of the program or unable to finish the program there are no refunds for missed activities.

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