Boot Camp Program

boot camp program

 First Day of the Boot Camp Program

Whether you fly into Samui International Airport or take a boat from the Thai mainland to the Samui ferry dock, you will be met by our driver and driven to the Spa Resort Village, where you will stay for the Fitness and Weight Loss Bootcamp.

Your quiet room at the Spa Resort Village will be away from the hustle and temptations of the busy tourist beach, yet close enough that a five minute tuk-tuk ride can have you in the center of the action, for shopping or beach time, should you show choose.

After unpacking, we will meet you at the detox center at 2:00pm for the start of the boot camp program. You’ll start the camp with a health and fitness profile, followed by a fitness assessment.

What’s In the Health and Fitness Profile and the Fitness Assessment?

Your initial health and fitness profile includes a weigh-in and body composition analysis. This profile will be used to determine how much weight, inches, and body mass you’ve lost after seven says of the boot camp.

You will then take a fitness assessment that includes four simple fitness tests. They will include a VO2 max test, pushup test, leg raise test, and burpee test.  Don’t worry that you won’t do well, we’re simply getting baseline so you can see how well you’ve done a week later!

The Rest of Your Boot Camp Week

Each day will begin with exercise before breakfast at about 6:30am-7:00am. These exercises will get your body moving and energized for the rest of the day. It will also give your body more potential to burn fat throughout the day.

After eating breakfast at the Spa’s Radiance Restaurant we then get into more activity. Each day is different and the activities vary according to the weather and the goals of the campers so we don’t post daily schedules in advance. But every day is designed to open your eyes to the numerous exercise and fitness activities that you can incorporate in your daily life when you leave the boot camp.

Activities on the boot camp program will include circuit training on the beach, cycling, Mauy Thai Boxing, hiking, weightlifting, water exercises, yoga/pilates, and numerous other various fitness and rest activities.

After the day’s activities, you can relax in the sauna or by having a Thai massage. The resort is a few minutes away from the beach and provides free shuttle, so you can easily go shopping or relax at the beach.

You will have three healthy and delicious meals a day, provided by The Spa Resort’s Radiance Restaurant, and healthy snacks between activities.

At the End of the Boot Camp…

You will finish the program with a weigh-out and another body composition analysis to see your progression. You then will receive a parting gift and will be free to either checkout, continue your holiday at the Spa Resort, or begin a detox.

Not Convinced Yet? Here’s 7 Reasons Why We’re the Most Economical Yet Effective Boot Camp Around

1. Fitness Holiday Asia Boot Camps are small groups. There are never more than 10 campers, so we can offer you personalized attention.
2. With so many activities on both land and in the water, the Fitness Holiday Asia Boot Camp is challenging yet fun course, providing activities everyone at all fitness levels can feel comfortable doing.
3. Experienced trainers who take personal interest in your success.
4. Delicious, healthy meals will change the way you feel about healthy food.
5. A tropical location close to the beach to allow you time to take it easy after a day of activity.
6. If you follow the program, Within days you’ll watch your body change its composition and feel the energizing effect of exercise
7. A fun and supportive atmosphere in the boot camp. Your success is our success. And we provide follow up support after the boot camp ends to help you continue to reach your goals.


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