Boot Camp Exercises

Boot Camp ExercisesWe recommend that you start to do some exercise before you come on a fitness retreat.  So we have a compilation of boot camp exercises that you can get started in the privacy of your own home.  No gym is required and virtually little equipment is needed to get started.

What are some benefits to boot camp exercises?

  • The boot camp exercises are easy to learn.  Chances are you probably did them in school.
  • They can be done outside.  The fresh air can have an invigorating effect on us.
  • They are based on strength, agility, and cardiovascular principles.  The three foundation stones for exercise.
  • They work the entire body.  Your body will learn to work together as one unit in a coordinated manner.
  • They are time efficient.  As one part of the body is working you are resting others.  Therefore you can get more done in less time.
  • If you don’t enjoy exercise they can make the time exercising feel as if it is going by much quicker because of the variety of activity.

We have broken them down into:

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