Weight Loss Retreat Hiking

A Weight Loss Retreat Makes it Easy to Get in Activity

A weight loss retreat uses hiking because it is one of the simplest forms of exercise we can do, but we tend to forget about it as exercise and only do it on a few occasions. It is inexpensive, does not require a lot of skill, and can be relatively easy to find places to do it.  Most live within a short driving distance of getting some good hiking.  It does not matter about a person’s fitness level is, hiking can be done.

weight loss retreatHiking can be done in a group or done alone.  When done alone hiking can offer a type of exercise that will allow a person to take in the natural beauty of the surroundings and have some quiet time to one’s self.  With all forms of exercise it offers mental benefits as well as the physical benefits.

Hiking’s Mental Benefits on a Weight Loss Retreat

  • When hiking outside you will feel closer to the natural environment and can increase your happiness.
  • When you finish a hike you will feel a tangible sense of accomplishment as you can track where you went and how long it took.

Hiking’s Physical Benefits on a Weight Loss Retreat.

  • Strengthen the lower body through the walking.
  • Hiking outside you will be exposed to the sun and the vitamin D.
  • When hiking up hill it can burn as much calories as jogging.

Hiking Holidays

If you really find that you enjoy hiking there are options to incorporate them into much more than just exercise.  You can plan holidays and vacations around hiking which will open up new views in places you may not have been before.  Many who enjoy hiking go to countries such as Thailand, and Nepal for holidays that are centered around trekking or hiking.  Getting started on a weight loss retreat may e just the kick start into new activities you may not have thought of.



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