At Fitness Holiday Asia’s Boot Camp, we exercise for the same reasons Joseph Pilates created Pilates, to improve our mental and physical health.

If you want to improve your flexibility and strengthen your back, Pilates can help. A system of strengthening and stretching exercises, Pilates was designed to mobilize the spine, build flexibility and develop the body’s core.

What is Pilates?

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAPilates was developed by Joseph Pilates from Germany in the early 1900s. This low-impact exercise system is a way to build strength in your core muscles, leading to better balance, flexibility and posture.

Emphasizing use of the abdominals, lower back, hips and thighs, Pilates is a system of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements.

While you may think that Pilates requires special equipment, in reality many Pilates exercises can be done with just a mat on the floor. In some ways, Pilates is similar to calisthenics exercises such as pushups and situps.

Typically, a Pilates routine might include 25 to 50 repetitive strength training exercises. An excellent strength training workout, Pilates is not, however, aerobic exercise. To lose weight, you need add aerobic exercises, such as running, biking, hiking, swimming or brisk walking to your Pilates routine. In the Fitness Holiday Boot Camp, we provide both strength training and aerobic training to ensure you become more fit, while at the same time helping you to lose weight, if that’s your goal.

Joseph Pilates believed that our mental health and physical health go hand in hand. Pilates helps the participant increase their body awareness, and by moving the body in a controlled manner via Pilates exercises you can increase your fine motor skills.

Pilates benefits include:

• Low impact exercise
• Improved flexibility and balance
• A more developed body core
• Improved musculature around spine
• Improved posture



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