Fitness Retreat Kayaking

Kayaking is a fun form of exercise

Fitness retreat kayaking can offer a great workout along with exploring some of the areas along our tropical beaches.  It is not difficult to learn the basic skills such as paddling and steering. It can be an activity that is done as a group or by oneself.  It is a great way to spend time with family and get children active,  away from the computer or television and outside for fresh air.

Fitness Retreat KayakingWe have a water day on our fitness retreat kayaking and using paddle boards.  Both offer a great workout for your back, chest, stomach, and arms.  It is estimated that kayaking can burn up to 400 calories per hour, which depends on speed and environmental conditions of course.

Health benefits on a Fitness Retreat Kayaking

  • Low impact for those who may already have joint problems and cannot take high impact exercise.
  • Weight loss as it requires the kayaker to propel his or herself through the water under their own power  thus burning extra calories.
  • Cardiovascular exercise as the continuous brisk movements keep the heart rate elevated.
  • Offers a great chance for a peaceful and relaxing form of exercise that promotes our mental health.  Not many forms of exercise do that.
  • Easy to take a break if you get tired.

Other benefits of fitness retreat kayaking

  • As mentioned before it is easy to learn.
  • The cost of a kayak is relatively cheap compared to sailing, canoeing, and other forms of water sports.
  • Easy to store at home.
  • Just about all types of water can support kayak activity.

On our fitness retreat kayaking we paddle out to our beach circuit on a small island.  On the way the water is not deep so even if you don’t like water or not good at swimming you can still feel confident and safe.  Of course life jackets are available.


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