Fitness Holidays Weight Training

Weight trainingWeight training will fast track your path to a slimmer, sleeker, and stronger body. It should be incorporated with any type of sports activity.

Strength training is any type of exercise that is used to increase your physical strength. The two best known types of strength training are resistance training, which uses resistance bands or muscle resistance, and weight training, which uses weights such as a bar, dumbbell, kettle bell, or machine to strengthen your body’s muscles, tendons and skeletal system.

Using weight training will double the effective use of your exercise time at Fitness Holiday Asia Fitness and Weight Loss Boot Camp. Not only does weight training help burn fat and calories, weight training also helps build muscle.

At Fitness Holiday Asia Fitness and Weight Loss Boot Camp, you will learn how to apply force to muscle groups in proper sequence. Starting from the center of the body, your “core”, and emanating out, you will learn the most effective way to manage your weight training exercise to have the greatest impact.

Weight training will help transform your body from flab to fab much quicker than just doing aerobic activities such as running for long distances.

Weight Training Benefits

Weight training is one of the most efficient and effective use of your exercise time, helping you both build strength and shed calories.
• Benefits you when you are involved in any type of sport.  You will develop power, and increased endurance.
• Develops coordination, strength, power, muscular endurance, bone strength, and increased cardiovascular fitness.
• Helps you in daily activities, such as picking an object from the floor. In weight training, picking up the object is a deadlift. By weight training, you will have learned how to lift safely and how to prevent injury.
• DOES NOT make women bulky. Women generally do not have enough testosterone to become bulky with strength training. Instead they develop a sleek athletic build.



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