Fitness Holiday Vo2 Max Test

Fitness Holiday Vo2 Max Test

 What is the Vo2 Max Test?

What does one’s Fitness Holiday Vo2 Max Test tell us?  It is the greatest amount of oxygen that can be used at the cellular level for the entire body.  It gives us an idea how well our body can use oxygen while exercising at our full capacity.  It is a good indicator of one’s fitness level.  It is our goal to raise that fitness level and thus raise one’s VO2 max.  Because it is related to the ability of the cardio vascular system to transport oxygen and the body’s ability to use it a test that puts the body through aerobic activity is required.

Typically it is done in a controlled environment such as a lab using a stationary bicycle or treadmill.  A mask is put on the test subject which measures the amount of oxygen used and amount of carbon dioxide that is produced. 

We do not have a laboratory so we use another accepted method, a specified distance to produce an estimate.  Of course it probably won’t be as precise as a lab, however, we repeat the test at the end of our fitness holiday.  Since we repeat the same test it still gives a good idea how we are doing.

How we do perform the Fitness Holiday Vo2 Max Test?

We perform our Fitness Holiday Vo2 Max Test through a timed run.  We cover a distance of 1.5 miles as fast as we can either by walking or running and time it.  With our age and time we are able to calculate our VO2 max.  In a week we do it again and see how we improve.

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