Fitness Holiday Thailand Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics, otherwise known as water aerobics, can be an effective way to get on the path to health and fitness.  The exercises are done in a pool that is about chest deep.  The instructor typically stands on the ledge of the pool demonstrating the various movements.   There are various apparatuses that can be incorporated such as floats, dumbbells that use the water’s resistance, and even resistance bands.

Fitness Holiday Thailand Aqua Aerobics – Why

Each workout usually lasts for about 45-60 minutes.  One of the nice things about aqua aerobics is that it is low impact and can be a great starting point for those who may have joint issues, recovering from injury, or surgery.  It is also great for some activity in between hard workout sessions or even after a hard workout.

It can also help those who may be overweight and may find it difficult to participate in boot fitness holiday thailand aqua aerobicscamp style of training using body weight exercises.  Because the activity is done in the water and the water supports some of the body weight it allows those who are overweight to enjoy a workout and provides a great motivating factor to stick to an exercise routine.

How does this type of exercise work?  it usually begins with some warm up.  Once the warm up is done them the workout begins.  The body must be pushed through the water.  The water provides resistance.  Some exercises use equipment but it is not always necessary.  Some of the exercises used are:

Fitness Holiday Thailand Aqua Aerobics – some examples

  • Jogging in the water.  This helps to give the lower body a good workout and strengthen the legs.
  • Pushups.  Doing pushups standing against the ledge of the pool is a great way to progress to do full pushups.
  • Kicks. Kicking in the water is a great way to tone thighs for those who may have weak knees.
  • Curls or tricep presses.  Using the resistance of the water one can open the hand so there is a large surface area and do curls against the resistance of the water for biceps then turn the palm back the other way and press down to work the triceps.

We like to use aqua aerobics as a way to cool down after a day’s activity.

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