Stand up Paddle Boards on Boot Camp Holidays

Boot Camp Holidays Offer Good Exercise Using Stand up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boards is becoming a popular sport that sprouts from Hawaiian background.  We have added on our boot camp holidays so you can experience it for yourself.  One the reason it is becoming so popular is that it is easy for a beginner to become comfortable on.  New boards can be a bit pricey ranging from $600-$1500USD and use  glass reinforced plastic with a foam core.

SUP board on boot camp holidaysThe rider uses both hands to paddle along.  The hand placement depends on which side the rider is paddling.

Stand up paddle boarding is an excellent to get in some exercise and can help burn some extra calories while having a good time.  It helps to improve balance and strengthen one’s core due to standing on a relatively unstable platform.  They give an excellent all round body exercise as you will have to support yourself with your legs and use the upper body to propel yourself through the water.

Not only on boot camp holidays

Just about any body of water can be use.  If you would prefer to be on the water by yourself and would not like to be in a motorized vehicle it is a great chance to do so.

There are other reasons to get involved with stand up paddle boarding.

  • Because you propel it is an inexpensive way to explore rivers, beaches, and streams.
  • Some have seats if you want to use one for fishing.
  • It allows the rider to see the underwater more clearly.

Give stand up paddle boarding a try with us.  You will have a chance to have some activity and get a chance to cool off afterwards with a dip in the water.

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