Kettlebell Training

kettlebell trainingKettlebell training is popular and effective with both men and women. Done properly, a kettlebell workout offers you both the benefits dumbbell training and the benefits of a high intensity cardio, helping you build muscles, increase your power and lose weight faster.

A newly popular exercise regime developed 300 years ago by Russian strongmen, a kettlebell workout builds strength, balance, weight loss, flexibility and endurance.

Kettlebell Training History

Kettlebell lifting is the national sport of Russia, and kettlebell exercises traditionally have been used by the Russian military as part of their overall training of new recruits, as well as by Olympic competitors.

Originally used as weights for market scales that weighed dry goods, people began throwing kettlebells for entertainment, then that activity morphed into a training style.

A kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle attached, and is basically a type of dumbbell or free weight that combines caridovascular, strength and flexibility training. The handle works your grip, while the position of the weight in relation to the kettlebell’s handle can work your core in a variety of ways.

Kettlebell Workouts Are Effective

The American Council on Fitness and the University of Wisconsin undertook a joint study that found that tests subjects exercising with a kettlebell burnt around 20 calories per minute, the equivalent of running a six minute mile.

What makes kettlebell training so effective is the position of the weight of the kettlebell in relation to the handle. Because the hanging weight is more difficult to control than that of a dumbbell, the kettlebell works your muscles, from your grip to your core, harder, and this burns more calories.

Kettlebell workout exercises are often whole-body movements which are done relatively quickly, in an interval training format, giving you an extremely high return for the amount of time spent on the exercises.

Kettlebells are popular with both men and women and can be used in a wide variety of exercise movements, including swinging, juggling, pressing, and throwing, among others. Your chest and shoulders, legs, core and grip are often all used in kettlebell exercises.


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