Boot Camp Circuit Training

Boot Camp Circuit Training

Boot camp circuit training is a method of exercise that will allow the participant to make sure that the entire body is worked within a relatively short period of time exercising all the major muscle groups.  There are several exercises that are chosen and done in a sequence, or circuit.  The equipment used can be as simple as one’s own bodyweight doing exercises such as pushups, squats, and other bodyweight exercises.  Other people may use equipment such as jumping ropes, dumbbells, resistance bands, kettle bells, and other items.

The exercises for boot camp circuit training  are typically done in a sequence that will allow rest for one muscle group while another one is being worked.  This allows the participant to get in a very time efficient workout that can build both strength, endurance, and is a good form of cardiovascular training that adds variety.

TBoot camp circuit traininghe benefits of circuit training

  • You can do it at you own home with little equipment.
  • Someone who is a beginner into fitness can do it as body weight exercises are easily incorporated and there is not real need for heavy weights.

Some of the exercises and a sample of how to build a circuit are listed in the following video.


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