Why Bicycling Can Help Make You Healthy

Biking is low-impact exercise with many health and fitness benefits that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and almost any fitness level. Primarily an aerobic activity, cycling works your heart, blood vessels, lungs and your body’s largest muscle group, your legs.

ABicycle benefits on a fitness holidayt the Fitness Holiday Asia Boot Camp, our cycling day gives people a good time and lets you see to see different parts of the island of Koh Samui.

Led by our experienced bike guide, Joseph, you’ll see take in a quiet beach as well as a working rubber tree plantation, where you may see Ko Samui’s native wild monkey frolicking around. We’ll also stop at Laem Sor pagoda, which makes a great photographic subject. This wat is set against a beautiful backdrop of the ocean and a small forest, one of the most beautiful and serene areas of Koh Samui.

Benefits of Bicycling

Whether you’re a solitary or social person, cycling is an exercise that can be done just about anywhere and in almost any weather, whether alone or with other people. Biking does not require a great deal of skill, and it allowed you to interact with your environment, sometimes biking to and seeing new places, in a way that indoor exercise does not.

An excellent way to reduce the impact of a sedentary life style and potential risks of health problems such as depression, obesity, heart attack, stroke, certain cancers, arthritis and diabetes, cycling is one of the easiest sports to get into and can be very addicting.

Cycling also helps with weight loss. Depending on your body weight, even light cycling (between 10-12 miles or 15-19 kilometers an hour) means you can burn between 350 and 550 calories per hour. If you’re concerned about bone health, cycling is an excellent form of low-impact exercise if you have osteoarthritis, since it places little stress on joints.

To sum up its the many benefits of bicycling:

• Variety – You can go anywhere on a bike, keeping you interested in your fitness routine.
• An easy form of exercise – Most of us have ridden bicycles before and if not, it’s relatively simple to learn.
• Cardio-vascular fitness – Biking helps to improve our overall cardio-vascular ability by exercising your body’s largest muscle group, your legs.
• A low impact way to burns calories and builds muscles – Biking is a great way to get in some low impact exercise that will strengthen and tone your legs. People with joint conditions or injuries that prevent them from doing high impact exercises can bicycle as an effective way to exercise.
• Increased strength and stamina – Cycling increased strength, stamina and aerobic fitness.
• Weight loss – Biking will help one to lose weight by burning calories, if you’re following a weight loss diet, such as the one offered by Fitness Holiday Asia.

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