Boot Camp Activities

boot camp activities

Boot Camp Holiday Activities

Boot Camp Holiday Activities Give Exercise Variety

Boot Camp Holiday Activities will give you a variety of activity to keep you interested.  One of the best ways to keep moving forward with our fitness goals is to have variety in our activity.  Many people start their healthy lifestyle with the best of intentions.  However a few weeks into it people start to get bored with the routine.  It may be because they just don’t enjoy the chosen activity they have started with.

Different Boot Camp Holiday Activities for Different Reasons

Different types of exercise can change our bodies in various ways.  If we get do strength training by either external weights or our own body weight we gain stronger muscles and bones.  Cardiovascular training helps make our bodies use oxygen more efficiently and strengthens our heart.  Stretching will help after exercise to release the toxins that have built up when you were exercising and throughout our daily life.   If we stick to one type of training you will no doubt get very good at that specific exercise.  However, at times it is good to try other activities that will allow the body to rest from whatever you are training.  It will allow you to work other muscles that are not normally worked.

Boot Camp Activities Introductions

We would like to introduce you to some of the boot camp holiday activities on our fitness holidays.  A healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable.  For that reason we have come up with several activities to do on our seven day boot camps in Koh Samui.

Check out our pages that have brief articles about the following types of boot camp holiday activities.

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