Avoid the Dad Bod

4 Tips to Avoid the Dad Bod

dad bodThere is a male physique that has become the latest fashionable trend. The athletic look with a 6 pack has been pushed aside for the “dad bod”. What is it? It is in between the man that is overweight with no physical activity whatsoever and a man who is busting it out at the gym and careful with diet.

How does the Dad Bod Occur and How Can We Avoid the Dad Bod?

Basically a dad bod occurs when a man occasionally goes to the gym but also hits the pizza and beer on occasion. Or perhaps it is when an athletic man whose life got in the way and the important things may have gotten rearranged.  Either way we can avoid the dad bod.

4 Tips to Avoid The Dad Bod

  1. When you do go to the gym don’t forget to do cardio. Do it after your strength training or incorporate the cardio into your strength training by using a circuit training. There are multiple ways to design a circuit that will help you keep your strength and shred fat.
  2. Train in a time efficient manner. I suggest reading Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training and incorporate this method to make your time in the gym more efficient. You will be pairing muscle groups, push/pulls, and right/left side exercises to ensure a complete body workout that will build muscle and burn fat.
  3. Incorporate family time with your exercise. Get the family into biking, playing basketball, or swimming at the local pool. This will get you exercise and hopefully instill exercise into the family routine.
  4. Take it easy on the junk food, soda, and alcohol. These have what is called empty calories. They do not have much nutritional value in themselves but even worse they contain high amounts of sugar. This coupled with a decrease in physical activity will be detrimental to your health. Save the empty calories for special occasions.

We constantly must reevaluate our priorities. Putting our family first does not mean we must totally forget about our health. On the contrary. It is important to remember our family wants us to be healthy. Our type of training and amount of time training probably will change. But it is still possible to avoid the dad bod and still be a dad. If it has been a while since you’ve been active perhaps a kickstart on fitness holidays may be a good place to start.

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