5 Healthy Snacks to Avoid

5 healthy snacks to avoidEvery year companies spend billions of dollars marketing food and beverage. Much of this advertising is aimed at people who are interested in being healthy or losing weight. Thus we get labels using “fat-free”, “made with real..”, “all natural”, “… free.” This can marketing drives people to purchase items they think are healthy. The problem is that people do not educate themselves enough to see through the fancy labeling.

Let’ s look at 5 healthy snacks to avoid .

  1. Sport drinks – Sport drinks take on many forms. There are many who have vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes added to them. There are reasons to drink these types of drinks perhaps if a person has been exerting themselves extensively in high heat and has lost electrolytes. However, these drinks are not to be drunk in the place of regular water during normal activity. The sport drinks have sugars added and can actually create a craving for more sugary foods. This of course is going to make one gain weight.
  2. Flavored Oatmeal packs – Oatmeal is known to be one of the healthiest ways to start our day. It is known to help to lower total cholesterol levels, is high in fiber, and help to promote weight loss. Naturally people who are interested in their health or gravitate towards oatmeal.
    The food manufacturers acknowledge that we are all busy and have made flavored instant oatmeal packages that seem to offer us a healthy breakfast in a short amount of time. But is it healthy?
    Looking at what makes up flavored oatmeal we can see in addition to the oats, sugar, artificial flavor, and dried fruit. The average packet is about 30 percent higher in calories nearly 90 percent higher in sugar.
    Instead of flavored prepackaged oatmeal flavor your oatmeal with fresh or frozen fruit and perhaps cinnamon.
  3. Trail mix – These come with labels such as “organic” and “natural”. Nuts do provide protein and unsweetened dried fruit can give us an extra kick through the day if it controlled. The downside is that many of the premade trail mixes are encumbered with chocolate chips, salt, and sugar. This really causes us to crave more. What was a healthy snack in its original state just became a high calorie meal.
  4. Frozen yogurt – many of these are labeled as “fat free” and are marketed as a healthy alternative to ice cream. While they may be low fat or fat free there is a catch. Typically they are loaded with sugar. Then toppings are added. Add it up calorically it is about the same as ice cream.
  5. Energy bars – Many of these are filled with low quality carbs such as sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Due to the fact they are “energy” bars they will typically be high in calories.

Theses are just 5 Healthy Snacks to Avoid.  The next time you go to the store and are looking for healthy snacks read the labels carefully. You just may be surprised the extras that come with your healthy snacks.

5 Healthy Snacks to Avoid

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